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Name:Team Nexus
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This is a panfandom community, partly for threading out any dark or violent subject matter that isn't appropriate on some of the public RP comms - and partly for any Team Nexus stuff that may be clean and just needs a different platform, such as party style posts.

Either canon characters or OC's are totally welcome.

Please use cuts and warn for any potential triggers, or graphic content. Ask permissions from other players, and please don't godmode or info-mod. (Some characters have psychic abilities, which can amount to infomodding, so make sure you discuss permissions with players you're interacting with.)

Anything goes here, violence, smut, horror, gore, really dark issues, EXCEPT FOR: inappropriate under-age content. Insulting others OOCly for their kinks, beliefs, or their sexuality. For this reason, players must be aged 18+. Younger than 18 year old characters are allowed, but the players of younger characters are asked please, to keep them away from any threads that carry warnings, and likewise, players of 18+ characters are asked to keep any inappropriate content well away from characters who are minors. Just apply a little common sense. Thank you.

Threads can also be as squeaky clean and innocent as you like, nobody has to thread smut or violence.

If anyone wants to ask questions or speak to the administrators, please comment here, or drop a comment on the mod account. All comments are screened.

We do welcome new muns, but please drop us a comment here first and say hi. Introduce yourself and one of us will babble at you and tell you what it's all about. There is some very loose plot, but not an awful lot at the moment, so it's not too hard to pick things up.

All members can create and add tags.

members can make their posts members-only if they choose.

Play nice, and be excellent to each other.


Nexus was founded by a couple of different organisations after a demon god visited Earth and opened up portals to hell realms all over the globe. The god has been destroyed, but these portals, gates, and pathways provide access to and from a number of other dimensions, worlds, planes of existence, call them what you will.

The hell portals take different forms, and are held open by rift generators, which are pieces of equipment that comprise a combination of futuristic alien technology and and supernatural elements. By now, the worlds in which they are located, have added to the machines, so many will utilise magic, or will have become altered in various ways.

An additional problem that comes with these portals, is that there are now many demonic types of life form all over 21stcentury Earth, who are causing all kinds of trouble.

Nexus is comprised of two major agencies. Keldran Command1, and The Thompson Agency2. There are also consultants, freelancers and other independents working on the team. This last group are referred to simply as 'Independents'.
Team members include aliens, augmented humans, supernatural and magical beings, and anyone else with certain skills at locating and eliminating both the portals and the demons.

There are also non-combative personnel who work as admins and support staff.

1Keldra is a world many billions of light years away and 500 years into the future. Its star system is inside a sentient nebula, and the planet itself is ruled by godlike beings, who are in the process of handing over power to the governments of the many species of that world. These gods are largely benign, and as it was one of their rogue gods who opened the hell portals on Earth, they and their staff are taking part in Nexus to help clear up what they see as their own mess.

2The Thompson Agency was formed on the planet Kyknos (Known as Kepler 452-B on Earth) in 1986 Earth time. The founder was a man named 'Thompson' who formed a small squad. He liked to recruit from Earth, his home planet, and had a small base set here, which has been taken over by Agents. Thompson died in 1996. The commander of The Thompson Agency has close kinship with the gods of Keldra.

Both organisations have bases and personnel all over Earth.

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